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B-MEG Premium Hog Grower 1 Pellets - 50kg

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Improvement of feed conversion efficiency. To encourage increased feed intake due to palatability. Contains high levels of nutrients for faster growth rate at 3 ½ mos to market, and muscle development of the pig.

Composition: Corn, cassava meal, tapioca residue pellet, feed wheat, soybean meal, full fat soya, rice bran D1, wheat pollard, copra meal, palm kernel meal, corn germ meal, corn gluten meal, corn gluten feed, corn bran, dried distillers grain with soluble, fish meal, poultry meal, meat and bone meal, dried brewer's grains, dried brewer's yeast, crude coconut oil, crude palm oil, palm olein, molasses, limestone, iodized salt, inorganic phosphates, L-lysine, lysine sulfate, DL-methionine, L-threonine, choline chloride, vitamin premix, mineral premix, phytase enzyme, protease enzyme, cellulase enzyme, xylanase enzyme, mannanase enzyme, toxin binders, mold inhibitor, antioxidants. Guaranteed analysis: crude protein 16% min, crude fat 3% min, crude fiber 7% max, calcium 0.75-0.85%, phosphorus 0.55% min, moisture 12% max

Feeding Guide: 81-115 days old with BW of 25-69 kg: 1.2-2.2 kg/day for 35 days.